Amanda Kessler

Character Art, 2D Art

Heya! I’m Amanda Kessler and I like creating characters and fantasy creatures. I especially enjoy drawing faces and hair. Someday, I will be a game character artist for someone and a successful comic artist for myself. My hobbies include raising things from the dead, playing piano, and eating fruit.

Anthony Norcott

Game Design Lead, Level Design

A bit about me: I am a game designer and scripter who loves creating multiplayer experiences. I spend my days either designing and creating fun content or yelling at code to work, some days are more productive than others. Absolutey thrilled to be on this project, and to be working along such a talented group of devs.

Meghan Cornagie

Art Lead, Enviroment Art

Ryan Landis

Project Lead, Enviroment Art

Ryan Landis is the name, Game Design is! I have worked on many aspects of game design, but my strengths are production and 3D art for environments and props. During my time at SCAD I served as lead on many projects and also served on the board for the Game Development Network, which is the student run game club. I love to work collaboratively with groups of talented individuals who are as passionate for games as myself. My hobbies include tennis, doodling characters in my notebooks, and then creating those characters into actual clay sculptures.

Simeon Acker

Programming Lead

Tom Schmidt

Sound Design Lead

Wyatt Johnson

Programmer, Rigger

Howdy! I’m Wyatt, also called “Wyatt Johnson” in hushed whispers and enemy battle cries. I am primarily a video game programmer, occasionally a backup character rigger, and secretly an adult humanoid. When I’m not programming games, my hobbies include video and tabletop gaming, playing with other people’s dogs, and bringing finger guns to nerf fights.